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Proper culture and behavior are essential to us because a good person, even if he is not a champion, can be made everyone proud, but may strongest motorcyclist can not be a good representative without proper behavior. On the articles page, we also try to cover some cultural topics to take care of this aspect.

Article: I am not champion

The reason for writing this text is the kindness of some friends to motorcyclists and the motorcycling community, who kindly call every rider a champion. In response to what devastating consequences these compliments can have on our sport and the real champions of this sport, I wrote this article, which I ask you to please read because I think reading this article can help our sport.

Article: How to lose

How to lose the competition and prepare again? Inspired by Kate Courtney  (CXO world champion in 2018) article about how to lose's about Olympics, Tokyo 2020 This article is about Kate Courtney's first experience at the Olympics. (Kate Courtney is an American cross-country pro cyclist who won the world championship in 2018 at 22). This article was fascinating, and I think reading it can help athletes and non-athletes face the challenges of a sports career and life. In the following, I will write the parts of it that were interesting to me so that we can read it together. Source:

Article: Lie

What will happen if you lie to your audience as an athlete? What can make more pressure after the race, and how can we reduce it? In my opinion, the first thing is Honesty. That’s it; if an athlete wants to show himself more potent than he is by lying, he is making things worse for himself! This is karma, and lousy work does not go unanswered; now you ask what it has to do with? It has to do with the fact that...

Article: Types of off-road motorcycles

How many off-road motorcycles do we have, and what are their names? There are different types of off-road motorcycles, and I will briefly tell you the names and usage of each in the following. There are seven main Types of Off-Road motorcycles, each designed for a specific riding style. Read their names and descriptions, then decide which is more suitable for you.

Article: Motorcycling boots

This article will discuss the differences between Trial, Enduro, and Motocross motorcycling boots. Also, answer the question: Why we shouldn’t use Motocross or Enduro boots on Trial motorcycles and conversely? I know some riders use these boots instead of each other mistakenly. They might not know the reason behind this difference and might not know that this can be dangerous and cause accidents for them... Boots: