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We started Koorosh Motorcycling Academy to be the heart of off-road motorcycle sports.

Our goal is that with our advice and support, you can use all the potential of motorcycling for your growth and development, whether in professional championships, participating in nature tours, or even riding your bike in the city.

Along this goal, we will train professionals who will achieve valuable results at world levels. Can’t find an answer? Check out our School page to find out more.

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Start to work with TMF

Iranian motorcyclists will support the start of the 'Trial' branch in Turkey


Turkish Motorcycle Federation (TMF) President Bekir Yunus Uçar met the Iranian “Trial” motorcycle riders Koorosh Ghorbani and Negin Ghaderi.

Mr Uçar announced that they reached an agreement for the start and training of the “Trial” branch in motorcycle sports.


We will go step by step. First, we will start an academic study with them to educate our children between the ages of 5 and 7, to make them love and teach this branch.

Then they will work for us to bring an international organization to Turkey. Our goal is to have athletes of the caliber to compete in the world championship. 

We will also receive support from Mrs.Negin and Mr.Koorosh in training our female and male athletes. Our goal is to provide such a cooperation and then we will do the same.

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It has a positive effect on other disciplines. It is necessary to explain that the Trial motorcycle is the mother of motorsport. In other words, to start any field of motorcycling sport professionally, Trial motorcycling can significantly help your progress as a prerequisite.

Because learning the motorcycle Trial makes the riders in other disciplines understand the basic concepts of motorcycle riding, such as balance, clutch control, braking, and how to position the body on the motorcycle.

Practicing these skills with the Trial motorcycles that have Less weight helps prevent severe damage with more extensive and heavier motorcycles in other motor disciplines such as motor racing, cross, or enduro.

The answer to this question depends on several critical factors.
• Training conditions and locations
• Training instructor
• The financial budget that you consider for this purpose

No, acquiring skills and learning motorcycle riding techniques by participating in Koorosh Academy’s training courses is not limited to any particular age group.

Learning motorcycling techniques makes motorcycling more enjoyable, and at the same time, motorcyclists will have more safety on the bike. So any person at any age can use these pieces of training, exercises, and techniques according to their needs.

A child can use this training to prepare for participating in competitions, and a middle-aged or even older adult can use the training to enjoy riding a motorcycle on off-road tracks or road trips while maintaining maximum safety.

Yes, let’s answer this question by giving a simple example.
Imagine you want to prepare for participating in the world championship in a field. You need hard training beyond the level of your neighborhood, province, country, and even continent. When you start training for the world championship level, due to the pressure of training and the training level, you will have very favorable conditions in the first months compared to your neighborhood or province, which is not even comparable to the past.

The same is the case with Trial riding exercises. When you start the motorcycle Trial training, even if you advance two levels out of ten (which is possible for everyone), you will unconsciously feel this progress clearly when you come to the city level for standard and everyday motorcycling. Without any particular difficulty, unconsciously, your riding level has changed. You maintain your safety and peace of mind.

After having Trial courses, you feel with all your heart that your reaction becomes faster awareness, and the control of your motor vehicle has increased. Earning new skills, most of the usual street dangers can’t be a potent threat to you because you have acquired a different speed of action and attitude in Trial training.

Courses of Koroosh Motorcycle Riding Academy are classified into two training models:
1. Online training
2. Face-to-face training

The online training of Koorosh Motorcycle Academy is entirely free and are free and will be free. Our mission and duty at Korosh Academy are to provide basic motorcycle riding training.

This essential training includes primary and academic motorcycle riding techniques given by a person with the excellent and necessary experience in this field and a good resume. Lessons will be completely free of charge.

Because the emptiness of these essential pieces of training is very tangible in the motorcycling community, this style of online training has never been done before by any famous champion in this way (online content, classified and academically coherent). It has not been provided yet, and everything that was called (training) was provided by different people, mainly to earn money or to become better known in the motorcycling community, which is also to earn money after fame in any form.

We believe all interested in motorcycling, regardless of their financial level, anywhere in the world, have the right to learn basic practices from one of the best in this field to motivate them to begin.

But in face-to-face training, the fee is charged according to conditions and location of the region, and this amount is as close as possible to the amount of regular urban motorcycle riding training in that country or region.

Can't find an answer? Check out Koorosh Academy's school page to find out more

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