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I do not think there is anyone who has not listened to the radio. The podcast is not different from the radio except that in the podcast, you can choose the time, the speed, and the type of program you want to listen to.
Different podcasts are broadcast in different languages, and you are always available on the Internet; you need to subscribe to these podcasts to download and listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

The most significant advantage of the podcast, at least for me, is that when I can not read or watch my favorite video, such as when I am stuck in traffic or walking or standing on the bus, I can listen to my favorite and valuable content.
So we can make good use of our wasted time for me; Traffic, dishwashing, walking, and Bus crowds have all become an opportunity to learn.
The next point I can mention for the podcast is that you can listen to any program you like without the need for

A podcast works because a person (podcast producer) produces the podcast and uploads the audio file to reputable sites that host the podcast. These sites provide a link to the podcast producer that subscribers can use to subscribe to the podcast with this link.
So one of the main methods was to install the podcast app and then search for the podcast’s name and subscribe to it. The second way is to find that podcast feed link and enter it into your phone’s podcast app.

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