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What will happen if you lie to your audience as an athlete?

In my opinion, the first thing about the effect of an athlete in getting a positive or negative comment is honesty; that’s it if an athlete wants to show himself more vital than he is by lying, he is making things worse for himself!

This is karma, lousy work does not go unanswered,  Now you ask what it has to do with?

It has to do with the fact that, for example, I come and lie, I am the champion of this country, I am the first in that country, and after these conversations, later one day it will be my turn to participate in competitions.

If someone can beat me with an average level, then that means that normal level person has beat the champion of this country and that country and this continent and that continent so that that person will seem much stronger because of my propaganda!


I think it is suitable for a person to think about the future before saying such things, then maybe he will not talk about these issues anymore and will not get himself into these troubles. Lying about our abilities in case of competition failure can cause a barrage of negative comments. Do you see with a lie that some people think is a slight magnification, a person enters a cycle in which he either loses or wins will be the loser. In those circumstances, everyone should be worried about lies, which can cause competition stress. Excessive stress in the competition also weakens the performance to the extent that they can not show the same size as they compete.
It is karma. At best, an athlete in this situation has to say goodbye to professional sports and competitions much earlier to maintain his name and reputation.
Instead of talking about what is always troublesome, you can use the opposite method. You can put a good word for your competitor. You ask why?
Because if you defeat him, you defeat a strong opponent, and if you lose, a strong person defeats you, whose skill you have already said, and no one expects from you. You no longer have to make excuses for losing after the match. In the same way, friendships are no longer involved in unhealthy competition, and better relationships are formed.

Also, friendships do not easily engage in unhealthy competition anymore! So honesty, honesty, and honesty. The more straightforward and honest we talk about our situation, the less we will be misjudged. I do not say that those who judge are doing the right thing, but at least we don’t give them a reason for this issue to increase. Of course, maybe someone wants to be seen even at the cost of negative comments and receiving insults, which may happen these days; we are living in a strange world, but I consider an average person in my theory. Do you agree?   These are my opinions from reading a series of articles and talking to several prominent Iranian and non-Iranian heroes. And if you have an opinion or disagree with it, write to me. I will share, and we will talk. And we talked so much to get here, Do we know how to fail and rise and continue despite the negative comments?


So honesty, honesty, and integrity. The more accessible and honest we talk about our situation, the less we will be misjudged. Unfortunately, negative comments and insults have become a strange world, but I think about a balanced generality. Have you agreed so far? These are my opinions, which result from reading a series of articles and talking to several prominent Iranian and foreign heroes; Do you have an opinion, or do you disagree with it? Please write to me, I'll share, and we will talk.


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