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Today we are going to talk about the differences between Trial, Enduro, and Motocross motorcycling boots.

Differences in motorcycling boots

Today we are going to talk about the differences between Trial, Enduro, and Motocross motorcycling boots. Also, we will answer the question: Why shouldn’t we use Motocross or Enduro boots on Trial motorcycles and conversely?


I know some riders use these boots instead of each other mistakenly; they might not know the reason behind this difference and might not know that this can be dangerous and cause accidents for them. 

So, I decided to make this video (below) and write this article to talk about all the differences and details that I know about them; if you know the differences that I didn’t cover in this article, please write them down in the comment below on the YouTube video.


When I ask the reason the riders who use motocross boots or Enduro motorcycle boots on the Trial motorcycle, their first answer usually is: we use motocross or Enduro boots on the Trial motorcycle for more safety because we go some long routes and want to have more safety by using this bigger boot. In this video, they will notice not only that using other motorcycle boots on a trial bike does not help their safety, but also it can make more serious threats to your feet.



On the other hand, some riders who had experience riding Trial motorcycling, because of some reasons and points that trial boots have, might use their Trial motorcycling boots on other motorcycles like Enduro motorcycles or motocross, which to me I think it's not correct to use them instead of each other and sometimes it can be dangerous.

For short all these boots have similarities and differences. Now we will talk about visual and technical differences in the design of both of them to understand why we should use each boot for a special kind of motorcycle and not use them for others. First, we will discuss visual differences between Trial with Enduro and motocross boots. The first sign and difference between Trial boots vs. Enduro or motocross boots is the number of tach or locks.

Trial boots have three locks, but Enduro and motocross usually have four locks. There are also some exceptions, like children's motocross boots with three locks, but here we consider an average for all that usually is three locks in Trial boots and four locks for Enduro and motocross boots.


The second way to tell Trial boots from motocross and Enduro boots is to check on their height; usually, trial boots are shorter than Enduro and motocross boots. Trial boots are slightly higher than the middle of your calf, while Enduro and Motocross boots are below the knee.

The reason for the differences in the number of locks is also related to their height. The taller the boot is, the more lock it will need, and the shorter the boot is, the less lock it will need. The third way to distinguish these boots is to pay attention to their front and bottom. In the Trial boot, you will never see this metal part that you are seeing in Enduro boots, but I need to say not all Enduro and motocross boots have this metal on the bottom and front. Still, whenever you see this metal on boots, you can be sure that it's not a trial boot.

About the sole of the boots, I need to tell you, in Trial boots along with the sticky material that is usually used in the sole of the boot. It is not something you can feel and distinguish by seeing the video. There are always some sole grooves that help your feet not to slip. Meanwhile, we do not have these sole grooves in motocross and Moto Enduro boots, and if there is a sole groove, this would be in different kinds, not similar to trial motorcycling boots. They are usually smaller and not as sticky as sole trial grooves are.

motorcycling boot

I need to point out that while we are talking about differences, for example, tell Trial has this sole and Enduro don't, they are not reasons for them to be better or worse than each other. It's just why each one is appropriate for their particular motorcycle. The reason for the design is according to the usage. In Trial, we need to have more sticky soles, and for example, in motocross, we do not need that many sticky soles.

The next point about Enduro boots is that recently some companies use the Trial sole for their Enduro boots. The reason is similarities between Enduro and trial motorcycling routes. For example, on a river road, that rider needs his foot not to slip easily. But because the motorcycle is Enduro with different weight from the Trial motorcycle, they designed them in Motocross boot height.

These were visual differences. now let's talk about technical differences and find out why we should not use each boot for a different motorcycle.

First of all, in Trial, weight is so important in designing motorcycles, clothes and also boots. Trial boots are lighter than Enduro and motocross boots because these boots are designed for motorcycle weight around 70 to 80 Kg and a maximum speed of 50 or 60 km/h on mountain routes.

So, if we compare them with the weight of motocross or Enduro motorcycles and their speed on routes, it's normal for them to have more complicated and thicker boots, that for sure will come with higher weight. So now we can get this result: we do not need to be tolerant of wearing heavy motocross or Enduro boots for ride trial motorcycling. Because in riding Trial, boots are designed for the top-level trial races with considering all safety for Trial riders.

motorcycling boot

The second technical point for the way of Trial design is somehow Complementary to the first reason. Because of the heavy weight of motocross and Enduro boots, they can be dangerous for being used in Trial motorcycling. Are you asking why?

Because their heavier weight will slow down our reaction in the face of the track. If you see the video of how to position your feet on a trial motorcycle, you will understand better how important it is to move your feet or better say how fast you can move your feet when riding a Trial motorcycle. And the heavier boot and slower movement can even make our braking hard.

The other subject is while we are using heavier boots, definitely our feet will get tired sooner. With being tired first safely, then the enjoyment of the ride will be less.

Also, because of the differences in the sole of Trial and Enduro with motocross that I told you about, you should know this point now that riding Trial with Enduro and motocross boot according to their different sole is so dangerous. Because your feet can be slippery in Trial courts, which may cause us to get injured.

motorcycling boot

And on the opposite side, not being slippery in a Trial boot can cause problems in riding motorcycles like motocross and cause injury to the Sole.

Now why are trial boots dangerous for Enduro riding? The first reason is that the height of Trial boots is short for riding Enduro. The second one will be about their weight, which I told you about before. Trial boots are a bit delicate for being used in the Enduro ride, and Your foot may be injured.

Now you can decide better that for Trial motorcycling it's better to choose Trial boots. I hope this video convinces you not to use Enduro or motocross boots on Trial motorcycles.

In the end, thank you so much for reading this article and watching the video. Do not forget to like, share, and comment on our video if you enjoyed that. This work will first help you and your friend know more about motorcycling to enjoy riding your bike more. And second, it will help and motivate us to make more articles and videos with higher quality. 


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