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The reason for writing I am not the champion article is the kindness of some friends to motorcyclists and the motorcycling community, who kindly call every rider a champion.

In response to what devastating consequences these compliments can have on our sport and the real champions of this sport, I wrote this article, which I ask you to please read because I think reading this article can help our sport.

If you call someone that is not a champion "champion," that person accepts this definition and uses your definitions and titles to show off and promote himself. In this way, first right of all, The right of real champions will lose the real champion because the champions try hard to win the title. People's definition of someone who is not a champion, and sometimes they say that as a complement is a false definition.
Now put yourself in the shoes of a real champion and imagine that you have tried for years and years to win the title and your friends tell this to someone who has just entered the sport for unacceptable reasons, such as having more audience. In social networks or sometimes even for beauty,  how would it feel if you were the champion ???

The next thing that will happen is the separation and division between those who are interested in this sport.
The most critical thing that can help any work is unity, sharing experiences, and helpful group exercises. These definitions and titles that people say to an amateur and inexperienced rider as a favor and kindness will be seen as false claims by that person. These false claims cause the closeness and friendship between all participants to disappear and give their place to lies and harmful competition.


On the other hand, if we look at this issue, if the person who was defined as a champion is a profiteer can misuse these definitions and, instead of trying to prevent the spread of these false titles, help to spread them more, What will be the result?
That person and the false champion in social networks is sometimes better known than the real champion. He started spreading false information and stealing the sponsors of the actual athlete, and misrepresenting our sport to those who do not know him.

As a result, we raised a fraudulent liar. We handed him over to society to be seen as our representative.
, And since that person is not a hero and experienced and has no knowledge beyond the level of society in the field of our sport and only thinks about his benefit. You can guess how he will introduce the field to others and what kind of lousy mentality It will create for activists and enthusiasts in this field. At the same time, because these people do not have professional expertise in our sport, they create a terrible mentality and experience for the sponsors, in a way that sometimes those sponsors will never return to our field, something that has happened before, unfortunately.

At this stage, my friends tell me that being a champion is not just about having a medal. For example, you are a champion in our view. I need to explain,
First of all, thank you for the kindness and compassion that exists and causes all these definitions. Still, we must practice and learn not to use the word champion as an adjective (like the adjective beautiful or ugly) because if we think about the word "champion," we will understand this word has a big responsibility and meaning. We can not tell this to people without consequences.
A champion is about a unique and hard-working person who does his work better than others. Someone who takes part in races takes the podium and at the same time has nice behavior. Has every person you might call champion so far had the merit of this big title? 

On the other hand, as a person, I don't really feel a lack in my personality that I want to hide behind the name of a champion or behind education or any other title and somehow be approved by these titles or gain acceptance with them.

And as a final issue in the modern world, official titles are gradually being eliminated and people prefer to be addressed by their names instead of words and titles like boss.


Jobs do not give us identity. We give meaning to words with our personalities. We should not treat one better and one worse because of titles. All jobs and all races have good and bad people. We should really avoid categorizing people by titles.

In my opinion, these positions and names only create a top-down view and take people away from each other, and I believe for myself that if one day I become a champion, I would still like to continue to be addressed by my name, I am not a fan of creating separation and division among people.Trial motorsport for men and women is getting stronger and progressing.
The goal of sports is peace and friendship, something that, unfortunately, sometimes we see less among our athletes.

And we try to contribute to the development of motorcycling culture by publishing and sharing this style of articles. Sources:

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