Koorosh Academy's sponsoring plan:

Every brand that wants to start advertising in the field of sports needs the combination of 3 steps to be successful; we will cover these in Koorosh academy’s sponsoring plan :

1- athlete to be the model and show in advertising videos and photos and talk about your product, use your products to show them.

2- Photographers, Videographers, and photo and video editors for capturing photos and videos and making unique content for your social media or catalog of your brand.

3- social media influencers to publish these from strong media and let everyone see your work.

We, as Koorosh Academy, offer all of these in one package. We have pro athletes who play a model role. We have equipped studio and professional cameras, stabilizations, lights, and sound recorder equipment for recording video and capturing high-quality photos. 

Also, we have 3 Instagram + YouTube channels and a website. (links are attached at the end of the resume), which can help us a lot in publishing and separating the contents.

On this page, we will introduce you to our team, tell you why video is essential, and show you some statistics about the engagement rate of videos. Also, introduce our other sponsors.

Meet the team :

founder of Koorosh Academy


Iran Trial motorcycling champion for 10 years

Previous chairman Trial committee Iran motorcycle Federation X4 year

Koorosh academy's sponsoring plan
Koorosh ghorbani
koorosh academy trial race مسابقات تریال اکادمی کوروش
w_trial.wtrial Negin ghaderi
rider with trial bike koorosh academy

Coo of Koorosh Academy


Bachelor in Architecture

Digital Marketing Specialist

Negin trial motor koorosh academy
rider with trial bike koorosh academy
w_trial.wtrial Negin ghaderi

Koorosh Academy's sponsoring plan

Our academy Started to work in 2016 in Iran. First, we just held events for the Iran Trial motorcycling championships; after a while, we started to work more in Asia and hold coaching courses and races in Turkey. As time passes, I feel that maybe in my country (Iran), It's the last generation of trials motorcycling sport, As a result of import problems of motorcycles, related parts, and the current situation in Iran. So I find off-road motorcycling in my country on the verge of extinction. I thought I could be more positive in helping my favorite sport by introducing off-road motorsport and encouraging the young rather than just practicing alone for races. I decided to focus more on the future of off-road motorcycling in Asia and, better say, in the Middle East by attracting new people.

Motorcycling Academy
Koorosh Academy آکادمی کوروش
4 years old Tehran, Iran
Koorosh Academy آکادمی کوروش
koorosh academy trial race مسابقات تریال اکادمی کوروش

Koorosh Ghorbani

Iran Trial motorcycling champion X10 years

My name is Koorosh, and I believe we should make the world a better place with partnerships and help sports grow so that everyone can experience a more healthy and active lifestyle. My passion is to help with giving all my knowledge and experiences that I gain through my races for free. Transfer this information to everyone who likes motorsport with the hope of growing my favorite sport. I started this job hoping to make the young do motorcycling professionally with more knowledge and less risk of an accident.

koorosh academy trial race مسابقات تریال اکادمی کوروش
Koorosh Academy آکادمی کوروش

Negin Ghaderi

Bachelor of Architecture

My name is Negin, and I believe in humanity. I speak three languages, Farsi, English, and Turkish, and I like to hear people from different walks of life. Although I studied architecture, I am more interested in sports and cultural activities. In this case, social media helped me to meet my goals. I have my own Instagram for my audience; I share stories of my life and talk about sports and having a healthy lifestyle. My work is helping companies advertise and achieve their marketing goals with campaigns and creating digital content for brands, usually sport-related ones.

My whole effort as a person working in advertising is to come up with a solution; So that the money companies will spend on advertising is sustainable advertising, not just spreading a commercial message at a high cost. With advertising budgets, the money they spend on short-term advertisements can do many cultural and lasting works. Being seen and known by doing these works is much more valuable and pleasant than seeing and thinking about temporary and ephemeral projects.

Koorosh Academy آکادمی کوروش
rider with trial bike koorosh academy

Koorosh academy's tutorial Video samples

Koorosh academy's tutorial Video samples

Koorosh Academy آکادمی کوروش
Koorosh Academy آکادمی کوروش

Why promotional content ?

Promotional photos, videos, and social media content toward your marketing goal

We have the necessary tools and knowledge of video and photography. Video shooting post-production includes editing software, such as Final Cut Pro, and recording using professional equipment, for example, set-up lighting, audio equipment, etc. We can help you with photo shoots and post-edit pictures, design logos, posters, banners, other advertisement tools, design team clothes, and so on.

But why do you need them?

Koorosh academy's sponsoring plan

Video marketing statistics over 2020-2021

advertisement is always good, but the advertising landscape has changed with the increasing scope of the Internet. People no longer respond to traditional ads like they used to. They skip the ad as soon as they can. And that’s the problem. How can you connect potential consumers with your fantastic product if they don’t watch your advertisement?


But what if I say there is a way that everyone sees your product, and What if you could market your product so that your clients would feel an emotional need to have it? With strategic product placement, we integrate your product into our videos that your clients will most likely watch. Through the power of media entertainment, businesses can connect with their customers on a visceral level that traditional ads can’t touch. THAT’S THE POWER OF PRODUCT PLACEMENT.


Koorosh academy's sponsoring plan


of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Koorosh academy's sponsoring plan


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Koorosh academy's sponsoring plan


of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded videos on social platforms.

Koorosh Academy آکادمی کوروش

Product placement is a marketing technique that promotes a brand by placing the branded product in a non-advertising context, usually a TV show or a video. The product is inserted into the program and is often seen as a natural part.

We recommend businesses try to build trust and goodwill instead with engaging, creatively-driven content. Using your product in daily life and every video is the best way to get people to know about your products and to get them to like your brand.

Koorosh academy’s sponsoring plan:

Koorosh Academy آکادمی کوروش
Koorosh academy's sponsoring plan
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Iran Motor Trial Champion in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

MAFIRI ( Motorcycle & Automobile Federation of Iran )  Tehran, Iran

Chairman of Motor Trial Committee Federation | 02/2017 – 2020

Professional MotorSport Coaching and Refereeing

Ambassador of S3parts company  Barcelona, Spain

Motor & Bicycle Trial Rider and Brand Ambassador |01/2016 – Current

Being supported by Sherco  Spain/French

Motorcycling manufacture

Being supported by Beta Tools (Hungary)

Being supported by the Galfer braking system (Italy)

Being supported by Stylmartin motorcycling boot(Italy)

Koorosh Academy آکادمی کوروش
Looking forward to hearing from you

Sincerely Yours

Koorosh Academy آکادمی کوروش