Advertising content

Toward your marketing goals

There are samples of promotional photos, videos, and social media advertising content toward your marketing goal.

Every brand that wants to start advertising in the field of sports needs the combination of 3 steps to be successful :

1- athlete to be the model and show in advertising videos and photos and talk about your product, use your products to show them.

2- Photographers, Videographers, and photo and video editors for capturing photos and videos and making unique content for your social media or catalog of your brand.

3- social media influencers to publish these from strong media and let everyone see your work.

We, as Koorosh Academy, offer all of these in one package. We have pro athletes who play a model role. We have equipped studio and professional cameras, stabilizations, lights, and sound recorder equipment for recording video and capturing high-quality photos. 

Also, we have 3 Instagram + YouTube channels and a website. (links are attached at the end of the resume), which can help us a lot in publishing and separating the contents.

On this page, we will introduce you to our team, tell you why video is essential, and show you some statistics about the engagement rate of videos. Also, introduce our other sponsors.

Sample product placement in our tutorial videos